Hello Guests, Curious Visitors and new Guild members! You have to register with your VO ingame name. A valid email address is required or your account will be deleted again. Be nice! Be welcome. GUESTS are welcome to register and can access and post to the Public area. REGISTER and LOG IN if you are a member of the guild. Set an email address in your profile. New Members: To access the [VPR Only] forums email m.duncan@viperguild.com. This forum does NOT support attachments, please use the IMS for that at: http://viperguild.com/forimages/index.php (Also open to guests). Supported are: inline html, BBCode, private messaging and mailing, notification, forum tags and polls that can be started by any regular user. If you are not a Viper guild member feel free to join as well. In order to see all smileys (also animated ones), BBCode tags and the forum icon legend click HELP for info.

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