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Posted on 07/22/11 07:44:06 AM
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Deneb Run July 30th 20:00GMT
Hi Viper
The is TheLaZyDJ with Vendetta On-Air,
I did extend the invitation to a couple of your members today but figured I would also do it formally.
The Deneb Run is picking up again next Sat, and as we all know it has been a very choice place for the rats to wreck havoc.
So I am extending the invitation for you guys to come out and support the event, and hopefully help the racers to finish. As of yet I have no way to figure out a type of rat bounty system, but when I do know that future events will have a rat bounty associated with each kill. Right now I am just trying to get my head together and figure out how to get this event off the ground and running smoothly.
So I hope to see you out there, don't forget to tune into the shoucast station launching that same day. All of the proper links as well as a web player will be on the website this week. www.vendetta-onair.com

Posted on 07/22/11 2:12:47 PM
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Re: Deneb Run July 30th 20:00GMT
Thanks for the invite. I'm glad to see the Deneb run making a comeback. Hopefully a few of us will be able to make it, either as racers or defenders.


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