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Posted on 05/03/10 11:48:56 AM
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Great fights last night guys!
It was great fun last night. I was thrilled to see a fairly balanced fight between the two sides numbers wise for most of the time I was involved. Some good fighting all around. :)

However, it would have been better if my Kitties Kitty had been there ....

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Posted on 05/03/10 8:13:01 PM
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Re: Great fights last night guys!
shame I was not there :( next time I shall be waiting with a gun and a pack of sandwiches. :)

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Posted on 05/03/10 8:20:10 PM
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Re: Great fights last night guys!
Was pretty awesome! Took a bit for the rats to get there en masse, but once that happened it was a rightful bloodbath!

And that WTD handles damned well in a furball, not to mention that megaposi can chew through any larger ship with unbelievable ease.

Posted on 05/04/10 00:17:38 AM
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Re: Great fights last night guys!
vulture mk4 with neut2 ftw!


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