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Posted on 12/23/09 6:22:43 PM
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Aleksey, independent pirate hunter
Now that I am back in game (at least for a week), I want to make some things clear. I always was and will be a pirate hunter. I fully support The Vipers guild. I would like to participate in any anti-pirate operations, if any such activity is planned to start before midnight my local time

However, I am not planning to return to the rank of Vipers member in immediate future. I would like to explore my possibilities as an independent pilot and pirate hunter. We may discuss my motives in another place, but no, tumble, it has nothing to do with Strat

I wish all Vipers good luck and good hunting, and hope to fight alongside with you

Posted on 12/24/09 5:59:52 PM
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Re: Aleksey, independent pirate hunter
Best of luck to you, Aleksey, I hope to encounter you ingame and crush the forces of evil beside you soon.

What do we need
To take control?
We can use
The Rat Patrol!

Pirates only laugh at Viper as a nervous reaction to that fear they have deep in their heart. -MDuncan

Posted on 05/27/10 08:13:20 AM
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Re: Aleksey, independent pirate hunter
Aleksey, come back to the game :w00t:

Sincerely yours,
Serco marauder

Posted on 05/30/10 8:38:17 PM
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Re: Aleksey, independent pirate hunter
Welcome hun, feel free to drop by Latos H2 anytime : )

Blood Thirsty,
Independent Botanical Space Invader : )

Feed me Seymour : )

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