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Posted on 07/11/16 11:45:40 PM
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application from cephlopod
- Why do you want to become a Viper
Revenge. Instead of rage quitting. i will hurt someone who hurt me with the help of others who believe in justice for the all the week and poor newbies that just want to fly with out fear. Or at least have some kind of satisfaction in 'Frontier Justice' by our own hands.

- What is your nation?
- What are your license levels?
4/4/2/4/4 and growing all the time

- What are your faction standings?
UIT: 929, TPG: 691. respect by 4 all else neutral

- How long have you been playing VO?
Couple of yrs. off and on. Maybe a week of solid play.

- What is your level of experience and proficiency in regards to PvP combat?
very low

- How did you hear about us?
vo wiki

- How often do you play, what times do you normally play, and what is your time zone?
4 times a week. after 5pm Pacific weekdays. Noon to Midnight weekends

Posted on 07/12/16 01:36:01 AM
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Re: application from cephlopod
Hello Cephlopod. Thanks for the application. The VPR commander and his board will evaluate the info that you have provided. In the meantime, try to buddy up with other VPR members and they can explain our proceedures.

Posted on 07/12/16 8:47:30 PM
Ishathis Bessuni
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Re: application from cephlopod
Hi Cephlopod. Thanks for the application. Please try to fly with as many VPR members as you can so we can get to know you. We're not the quickest with our recruitment process, as we do like to get to know applicants before we vote them in to the guild.

Posted on 07/25/16 02:07:01 AM
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Re: application from cephlopod
Thanks for the application Cephlopod, will keep an eye out for you.

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