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Posted on 05/01/13 6:30:52 PM
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- Why do you want to become a Viper?

I dislike Pirates and abhor extortion.

- What is your nation?


- What are your license levels?


- What are your faction standings?

Itani = Highest Standing
UIT = Respect or Neutral
Corvus = Dislike
Serco = Hate

- How long have you been playing VO?

5 Months

- What is your level of experience and proficiency in regards to PvP combat?

Novice, though I have had training from 'Cat'

- How did you hear about us?

Player 'Cat'

- How often do you play, what times do you normally play, and what is your time zone?

I usually play once or twice a week mostly on weekends in the mornings or late evenings. I'm in the GMT-5 timezone or eastern United States

Posted on 05/01/13 7:32:14 PM
Ishathis Bessuni
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Re: Application
Hi, LARXENDER. Thanks for the application. The council will take a few days to review it. In the mean time:

  • Keep an eye out for Vipers in game /buddy invite any you meet and try to fly with us
  • Consider working on that Serco standing. Feel free to ask any of us you see for help and advice.
  • Monitor channel 4357 to stay aware of what's going on.

  • Posted on 05/01/13 11:51:43 PM
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    Re: Application
    Thank you for the app, LARXENDER. I look forward to flying with you!

    Posted on 05/02/13 09:06:52 AM
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    Re: Application
    Good luck with the app. You've made a smart choice, I'll see you out on in the space lanes.

    None of you seem to understand. I'm not locked in here with you. You're locked in here with *ME*!

    Posted on 05/02/13 1:14:37 PM
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    Re: Application
    Hiya Larx. I am happy that you applied! Next time we meet, lets fly together :)

    Lady Serco shine her light upon you.

    Posted on 05/02/13 9:13:47 PM
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    Re: Application
    Look forward to flying with you soon, Larxender.

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