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Posted on 03/28/13 9:43:53 PM
Council [VPR]
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Application - Phaserlight
- Why do you want to become a Viper?

It's been a while, but quite honestly, I miss flying with you guys. I would like to re-apply for regular membership (not council or officer).

- What is your nation?


- What are your license levels?


- What are your faction standings?

Tri-nation hate. I did this as an experiment, killing a few station guards from each nation to tank my standing. There is currently a Furie mission only available to Tri-KOS or Hate players, but I wouldn't mind grinding these up to respectable levels.

- How long have you been playing VO?

Since June 2003

- What is your level of experience and proficiency in regards to PvP combat?

Better than some, worse than others. I have 1,022 PKs, currently. I am fairly confident with most setups.

- How did you hear about us?

I was asked to join around the time beta was beginning, and the universe was starting to become a lot more populous. I was initially against the idea of being in a guild, but VPR seemed to fill a much needed role at the time, and the pilots were all great people to fly with.

- How often do you play, what times do you normally play, and what is your time zone?

I currently will not be able to play often; I have been making it to the Sunday nation war religiously, but I have to balance this with my M.B.A. coursework (I am graduating in May and finishing up 4 courses over the summer). Nights and weekends are when I am on more often. My time zone is EST (I live in Florida).

Posted on 03/29/13 01:50:57 AM
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Re: Application - Phaserlight
Welcome back, Phaserlight! You've been missed. Ish or I will give you back your tag as soon as one of us sees you in-game.


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