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Posted on 04/15/12 9:20:04 PM
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- Why do you want to become a Viper? I don't want to bother with asking for money before i pounce on people, might as well be pirates.

- What is your nation? itani

- What are your license levels? 6/6/6/4/-

- What are your faction standings? itani admired, neutral with all others except respected by tpg, disliked by corvus, disliked by UIT, hated by serco

- How long have you been playing VO? about 5 days

- What is your level of experience and proficiency in regards to PvP combat? novice

- How did you hear about us? from strat and channel 100

- How often do you play, what times do you normally play, and what is your time zone? I play for now once a day for several hours usually, central time zone, often play light at night or very early morning

Posted on 04/15/12 9:42:17 PM
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Re: Application-Onyxxx
Thanks for the application, Onyxxx. Be sure to read our Guild Charter. The Council will review your application. In the mean time, try to meet up with as many Vipers and other applicants as you can in-game. You can post reports and updates here in this thread.

Posted on 04/15/12 9:47:53 PM
Ishathis Bessuni
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Re: Application-Onyxxx
Thanks for the application Onyxxx. It was good flying with you today. I hope to see you in game again soon.

Posted on 04/16/12 5:44:33 PM
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Re: Application-Onyxxx
Thanks for the application Onyxxx. Will look forward to meeting you in game.

Posted on 04/19/12 4:06:35 PM
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Re: Application-Onyxxx
Hey don't forget to monitor 4357 for see who's on duty, and give teh Viper a shout so that you can buddy up. We'll soon have FAMY running in fear of you mate!

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