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Posted on 10/19/08 3:30:06 PM
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Official Charter
The Vipers are a multi-national group of players who share common values of integrity and respect. The Vipers are a guild of equals built on democratic concepts. Decisions are based on finding a consensus that suits all members.

Goals of The Vipers include but are not limited to
  • Defense of the peaceable.
  • Defense of members.
  • Sharing wealth and experience amongst members.
  • Suppression of pirates and criminals.

    The Vipers
  • Condemn all forms of pirating and griefing.
  • Do not participate in national conflicts or CtC as a guild. However, Vipers may participate in these activities off-duty under certain circumstances so long as they make it clear that they do not represent the guild in any way.
  • Handle all rule violations by members internally and punish severe violations with expulsion.
  • Do not non-consensually attack non-KOS pilots, unless it is to aid an individual that is unjustly attacked.
  • Defend each other whenever it is necessary and appropriate.
  • Share their wealth in order to keep every member in a comfortable financial position that allows for participation in guild activities.
  • Share their experience and knowledge regarding weapons, ships, trading, and everything else necessary for carrying out their mission.
  • Do not abuse their membership for personal revenge or to obtain a strategic advantage in national conflicts.

    Kill-On-Sight Rules
  • KOS status can be set temporarily or permanently. For permanent KOS status, Officers can make the decision, or a decision can be made based on acknowledgement by the majority of the members.
  • KOS status is automatic for members of pirate or criminal guilds.

    M. Duncan
    Cdr. VPR

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