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Posted on 06/12/16 4:49:39 PM
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Why do you want to become a Viper?
Just re-sub'd a few weeks ago, after a little over a year. Always played "bad guys" in the past. Now it seems so neck deep in them, new players are getting pushed away before getting enough of VO to fall in love. I want to help tip the scales.
- What is your nation?
- What are your license levels?
All around 5, so I would understand if you need to wait a couple weeks or so for me to get them higher before I get tags.
- What are your faction standings?
Again, nothing bad , but nothing great yet.
- How long have you been playing VO?
- What is your level of experience and proficiency in regards to PvP combat?
High? I can show you if you wish.
- How did you hear about us?
Hard to remember, I guess from my old tgft days when I was a newb
- How often do you play, what times do you normally play, and what is your time zone?
EST, weeknights after 10, weekends either a lot or at random times.

Posted on 06/13/16 00:41:15 AM
Ishathis Bessuni
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Re: App-Slyce
Thank you for the application. Please keep an eye out for Vipers in-game and fly with us when you can. We do generally take a little time with our application process, especially when we don't already know you..

With regards to licences and standing, yours are sufficient to get some effective PVP setups. We also generally prefer that you not be hated by any major nation, as that restricts where you can go and gives nationalists an excuse to shoot at you

If you do want to do some leveling or standing work, it may be easier to do that soon, as once you have a VPR tag, there's a big target on your back.

Posted on 06/13/16 2:43:11 PM
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Re: App-Slyce

Thank you for the quick response Ishathis, and please by all means take your time with the vetting process.

While the target a VPR tag would paint is welcome; I have been trying to take advantage of flying as an independent, and completing missions that would become unnecessarily difficult with foes on all sides. Mostly these have been in the form of grey space procurement faction-boosting stuff.

I do indeed already have a few "hold there own " builds at my level. Have a poor man's Ecka taur, various Hot/Rev 2s, IBGs, and soon to have hounds/corvults.

Two things I didn't really mention in my OP, in case you find them important:
1.) I enjoy helping new players, and have enough in-game knowledge to help. I would have no issues explaining over and over to the most hard headed newb without getting upset.

2.)Being in my 30's there's nothing that's going to get a rise out of me in a space video game. I do not discriminate or use derogatory language, and can keep my composure where others may not. I believe I would be someone who maintains the high caliber Viper has brought to VO for many years.

Will be keeping an eye out for you guys in-game


Posted on 06/14/16 6:04:33 PM
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Re: App-Slyce
Well met, Slyce, from a fellow 30-something. Thanks for the application!

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