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Posted on 12/24/15 08:27:56 AM
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Joining the Vipers
I know you announced you were no longer taking applicants, but I would like to give it a try with my character "enter your desired name above" This character is an alt, my main character I will not say in forums, but on my main I have a 1450ish duel rating over 1500pks, and licences in the double digits. I have been CO and LT of multiple guilds, (even some major pirate guilds)' and have the experience of recruiting and raking guilds from nothing, to big players in VO. VPR will not have those issues. You guys are legendary. If even one truly active member wore that tag, there would be a surge of players lining up to join the ranks of "rat eaters". It would be an honor to have a chance to kick start VPR. Please co tact me in game on E.Y.D.N.A, or email me at "rememberremembernov5@gmail.com"


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