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Posted on 09/29/14 01:50:30 AM
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Application - Xolon
- Why do you want to become a Viper? -

Sick of being bullied by greedy pirates that have no problems picking on new users and who are too lazy to do missions and make their own money. Foul mouthed antagonistic children with very little brains.

Nation: Itani


Itani: Loved & Admired. Serco: hated. UT: respect

Been playing for a about 2 months .. love it.. and will probably never stop..

PvP: havent tried it yet, as I want to get some better weapons first.

Heard about the Vipers while browsing the guilds on VO's website. I was hoping to find some people who shared my anti-pirate viewpoint!

I play every day, whenever I have free time. Usually after work in evenings around 9 pm or so. I do play during the day on my days off.

Central standard time zone

Thanks for your consideration!

-- Mike .. aka. Xolon --

Posted on 09/29/14 2:17:37 PM
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Re: Application - Xolon
Greetings, Xolon. Thank you for taking interest in our guild. I can certainly sympathize with your feelings towards some pirates. Unfortunately, we are not accepting applications right now. Check out our wiki for information on fighting and/or avoiding pirates. Feel free to ask us any questions here or in-game and we'll help you in any way we can. We may open a recruitment window in the future, so feel free to check in here periodically, if you wish. You may also want to consider checking out some other guilds that can help you deal with pirates in the meantime, even if anti-piracy isn't their primary focus.


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