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Posted on 05/05/12 00:57:44 AM
Grain Verit
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Grain Verit App
Here's my app-

- Why do you want to become a Viper?
I really don't like pirates. I get attacked by La Familia all the time (Most of the time that don't ask for money, they just attack. Probably because i flame them, a LOT.) and i hate it when others get attacked too.

- What is your nation?
Secro Pureblood.

- What are your license levels?
2/2/1/0/0 (pitiful, but I've taken down some nasty-ass 'rats and I've only lost two out of five times)

- What are your faction standings?
Secro: Admire (for hive raids mostly)
Itan: Hate (by default)
Everyone els: neutral
Corvus+Axia: Dislike

- How long have you been playing VO?
A few months, i started in December.

- What is your level of experience and proficiency in regards to PvP combat?
I've been in exactly five fights and have won 3, lost 2, and have been attacked but have escaped unscathed (vulture FTW) about 25-30 times, and have been attacked and was killed in the process of escaping seven times.

- How did you hear about us?
Everybody talks about how awesome you are, but the first mention was when i was joining TGFT with another character

- How often do you play, what times do you normally play, and what is your time zone?
My time zone is EST (GMT-5) and i play at least three or four one-hour sessions on the weekends, but other than that i may be on once or twice during the week for a half an hour.

Well, thanks. I hope you don't absolutely hate my... well, mud-covered dossier.

Posted on 05/05/12 2:46:44 PM
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Re: Grain Verit App
Thanks for the application, Grain Verit. You will definitely want to get your levels up to at least 4/4/4/-/- so you can get access to some decent equipment. Also, The Vipers are neutral in the Itani/Serco conflict and we have Itani members, so you should get your Itani standing up to neutral. I don't know how experienced you are with your [TGFT] alt, but the advice in the following thread might be helpful to you for working on levels and standing.


As a matter of policy, we try to speak with actions instead of words, meaning that Vipers avoid bickering on public chat with pirates, even if they provoke us or troll. I hope that you find these rules acceptable and still want to join us. I look forward to flying with you!

Posted on 05/05/12 5:49:41 PM
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Re: Grain Verit App
I am glad to see your app with Viper as well. Sometimes it is everything I can do to not retort on chat and engage in some rage verbage. But I usually cool off and am glad I didn't get into it with them. FAMY is a pirate guild and as such it is their role play to harass players. One of the reasons that Viper is so respected as a guild is because we use restraint in that area.

I look forward to seeing you in game.

Posted on 05/05/12 6:29:54 PM
Ishathis Bessuni
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Re: Grain Verit App
Good to see your application. I look forward to seeing you in space.

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