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Posted on 04/18/12 07:23:30 AM
Nipps McGurk
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I've been playing for two months now. My level is 87544 and I've always wanted to play the game as a Good Guy. I've helped whenever possible and I want to help people; and kill bad guys.

Posted on 04/18/12 1:30:32 PM
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Re: APPLICATION: Nipps Mcgurk
Glad to see you officially applied, Nipps. The Council will review your application. In the mean time, definitely fly with as many Vipers as you can in-game. You can post updates on your in-game activities here in this thread. I look forward to flying with you!

Posted on 04/19/12 02:42:25 AM
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Re: APPLICATION: Nipps Mcgurk
Thanks for the application Nipps McGurk. Will look for you in game. As Strat stated, the council will review your application and let you know when a decision has been made.

Posted on 04/19/12 4:01:28 PM
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Re: APPLICATION: Nipps Mcgurk
Hi Nipps, happy to see your application, see you out there buddy on the mean streets. gl

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