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Posted on 11/12/07 4:48:49 PM
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Joining The Vipers
We are always looking for good pilots. However, joining this guild is a serious commitment. You must have strength of character as well as dedication to our cause, our ideals, and to the guild itself. Here are just a few reasons to become a Viper.

- You want to be part of a guild which shares mutual respect between members, and values honor, virtue, and integrity above all else.
- You want to protect and assist traders, miners, and other peaceable pilots.
- You want to fight pirates and criminals, making their lives as difficult as they make everyone else's.
- You want to have fellow guild members who are friendly and helpful.
- You want to share your time, experience, knowledge, and skill for a greater cause.
- You are a peaceful pilot who does not fight, but would like to share your knowledge, wealth, resources, and time with the guild in order to help our cause.

This guild has a clear focus, but members often participate in a variety of activities. Vipers can hunt hive, practice PvP combat, trade, mine, manufacture, role play, and engage in various other activities that do not conflict with our basic rules or charter. Vipers do not need to spend every minute of their in-game time patrolling, escorting, and chasing pirates. Those are things that we enjoy doing and that is why we are in this guild. However, it is not our job. We offer our services freely when we are willing and available, but we are in no way obligated to do these things when we are otherwise occupied or when we do not want to. However, all Vipers are trained to do these things, and if you never want to do them, then this is not the guild for you.

You do not need to be a combat ace to be a Viper. This is a misconception. Pilots can be outstanding Vipers with even just a minimal level of combat proficiency. Any friendly pilots who believe in what we do and what we stand for have what it takes to wear our tag. Also, The Viper Guild is not just a group of players. It is a group of friends who enjoy socializing in-game and here on our forum. That sense of camaraderie is just as important as our common values and goals.

If you have any questions, feel free to post them to this forum or ask one of us in-game. If your ideals match our own and you would like to apply, register with your in-game character name and post a thread in this forum. Please answer the following questions in your application.

- Why do you want to become a Viper?
- What is your nation?
- What are your license levels?
- What are your faction standings?
- How long have you been playing VO?
- What is your level of experience and proficiency in regards to PvP combat?
- How did you hear about us?
- How often do you play, what times do you normally play, and what is your time zone?


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